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Page 3 of about 142 results of download ethiopian instrumental/classical. Best collection instruments this is wonderful lovely ethiopian instrumental music! I was worried that this was going to be an hour long bass loop with some incidental melodic lines here and there. It is very cheerful instrumental music. I can't say nothing because it's more than a word and nothing is describe thus. These instrumental tunes takes my heart and my mind and control them.

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Ethiopian Instrumental music..mp3
7.8 MB   05:42
Ethiopians Instrumental Music NEW June 2009.mp3
9.43 MB   06:53
Express Band Ethiopian Instrumental Music (Yehiwote Hiwot).mp3
8.12 MB   05:56
Ethiopian Instrumental Relaxing Music 8.mp3
5.59 MB   04:05
Ethiopian Instrumental Relaxing Music 7.mp3
3.67 MB   02:41
Chalkubet Piano Instrumental- Kuku Sebsebe.mp3
3.81 MB   02:47
Ethiopian Instrumental Relaxing Music 4.mp3
6.07 MB   04:26
Ethiopian instrumental #1.mp3
6.07 MB   04:26
Ethiopian Instrumental 3.mp3
9.93 MB   07:15
Anmut Kinde(Habtu Nigatu) Ye Wahint Engurguro.mp3
8.69 MB   06:21
Ethiopian Intrumental Tilaye Gebre (Muziqa Hiwote).mp3
13.12 MB   09:35
Ephrem Classical music.mp3
6.64 MB   04:51
Ethiopian Instrumental Relaxing Music 2.mp3
10.63 MB   07:46
Amharic Classical music 3.mp3
6.91 MB   05:03
Ethiopian Instrumental Music Teddy Mitiku (Awash).mp3
9.17 MB   06:42
amharic instrumental 03.mp3
6.64 MB   04:51
Best amharic classical music 2.mp3
6.8 MB   04:58
Ethiopian instrumental by Dawit Ferew Hailu.mp3
6.37 MB   04:39
Smooth Jazz - Amharic.mp3
6.02 MB   04:24
Daniel W/Gabriel - Befikirish Meyaze [2000].mp3
8.51 MB   06:13
8.97 MB   06:33
Best Instrumental Music a.mp3
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Tigist Ejigu: Marign Biyeshalehu (Ethiopian Instrumental Music).mp3
7.62 MB   05:34
amharic instrumental 01.mp3
5.41 MB   03:57