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Page 1 of about 499 results of download top disco music. Disco is a genre of dance music containing elements of funk, soul, pop, and salsa that was most popular in the mid to late 1970s, though it has had brief resurgences. Its initial audiences were club-goers from the gay, African American, Italian American, Latino, and psychedelic communities in New York City and Philadelphia during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Disco also was a reaction against both the domination of rock music and the stigmatization of dance music by the counterculture during this period. Women embraced disco as well, and the music eventually expanded to several other marginalized communities of the time.

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Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing (encore) (Live in Las Vegas, 1997 - One Night Only).mp3
6.18 MB   04:31
Push It To The Limit (scarface).mp3
4.18 MB   03:03
″Weird Al″ Yankovic - Word Crimes.mp3
5.16 MB   03:46
Boney M. - Ma Baker (Sopot Festival 1979) (VOD).mp3
6.37 MB   04:39
Boney M. - Gotta Go Home (Sopot Festival 1979) (VOD).mp3
5.55 MB   04:03
Everlasting Love - Rufus feat Chaka Khan.mp3
6.6 MB   04:49
She's On Fire (From ″Scarface″ Soundtrack).mp3
5.11 MB   03:44
Van McCoy & Pan's People » Do the Hustle (1975).mp3
3.58 MB   02:37
The Hues Corporation - Rock the boat (Ruud's Extended Mix).mp3
9.06 MB   06:37
Boney M. - Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday (Sopot Festival 1979) (VOD).mp3
5.27 MB   03:51
Boney M. - Brown Girl in the Ring (Sopot Festival 1979) (VOD).mp3
5.32 MB   03:53
Carl Carlton- Everlasting Love.mp3
3.51 MB   02:34
Love To Love You Baby (Giorgio Moroder Feat. Chris Cox Re....mp3
5.98 MB   04:22
Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body & Can't Stop The Feeling (Live Drum Cover).mp3
8.28 MB   06:03
Grace Jones - La Vie En Rose (extented remix).mp3
16.75 MB   12:14
SŁAWOMIR - Miłość w Zakopanem ( Clip HIT 2017).mp3
5.73 MB   04:11
Heatwave - Ain't No Half Steppin'.mp3
7.19 MB   05:15
The Trammps - Disco Inferno (Long Version).mp3
14.83 MB   10:50
ABBA 1976 MY LOVE MY LIFE ABBA In Studio2 (oct8).mp3
5.39 MB   03:56
Barry White - I can't believe you love me.mp3
14.22 MB   10:23
Boney M. - No Woman No Cry (ZDF Von uns fuer Sie 12.01.1978) (VOD).mp3
3.9 MB   02:51
Weekend - Ona Tańczy Dla Mnie - (2012).mp3
4.45 MB   03:15
Barry White I'll always love you.mp3
11.89 MB   08:41
Donna Summer - Try Me I Know We Can Make It.mp3
20.49 MB   14:58